Friday, June 12, 2009

Tips for your wedding

1) Get engagement ring. It is a mutual agreement between two lovers to bind an informal contract of love.

2) Study the local procedure. You need to know what is the type of permission that you need to register your wedding.

3) Planning for your wedding
a) invitation cards
b) place of wedding
c) where to locate the presents
d) wedding service i.e. photographer service
e) outfits
f) reception of guest
g) guest list
h) food and drinks (buffet)
i) tents
j) rings and gift money

4) Your wedding day is only for a few days, but, where do you intend to stay the day after? Go and find a good home for your wife, children etc.

Tips for social behavior

Etiquette is the conventional code of behaviour to promote good manner. In order to understand etiquette very well, you have to observe the local and international rules and regulations, but in simple words, it's the way you must position yourself with others, be yourself but make sure other people still feel comfortable.

You must be polite to show respect towards other people. That is ethic!

How to write a good speech

here is the simple tips:
1. Write your speech using simple sentences
2. Always check grammar and your points of speech

How to beat Machester United and Barcelona

If you are a football club's fanatic, you may want to know the secret of success in the formation of football. Always there are several elements, but I can conclude it based on 5 principles: MAN, MACHINE, MATERIALS, METHODS, MONEY

1. MAN
Always to setup a good team you need excellent players. If your striker is dumb, your team most
likely end up in a draw or lose. This also includes the coach, trainers, and managers.

In my opinion, you can denote the training ground, facilities and other things to train your
players as the machine. If you have poor training facilities, your players' improvement will be
much slower.

You need a good boots, jersey, sport aid like goggles (Edgar Davids used to play with goggle :).
You become heavier when your shirt is wet.

Good formation always become the priority, because everyone is talking about wrong tactics
used by MANCHESTER UNITED when they were beaten by BARCELONA in CHAMPIONS
LEAGUE 2009.

You need a strong financial back up to invest in new players and at the same time think about
the RETURN OF INVESTMENT (ROI) in the future.

How to score A in English

English language is a must in the modern world. I'm sure that in some part of the world, there are some people having difficulties to master english. You can follow the tips to improve your english.

Let's divide the english learning to three section: writing (grammar, composition of essay, and comprehension of english), listening, and speaking.

1) English grammar (writing)
Find the books related to grammar. Grammar is the way to sort out the right way to express
something. Let say "I want to go to school", it's a simple sentence, but you may end up with
something like "I wants to goes to school". Grammar is the basic thing in english

2) Composition of essay (writing)
You need a grammar knowledge and also a good vocabulary. Try to memorize 5 words per
day. This will help you a lot. You must also find materials related to english such as
newspapers, articles etc to familiariza yourself with the way of good writing.

3) Comprehension of english (writing & listening)
In order to understand what other people say, you need a good vocabulary.

4) Listening
Improve your listening by listening to the songs that you like, at the same time get the lyrics to help you in comprehend.

5) Speaking
You can practice your favorite song and use it as your words during speaking. Find a good
partner so as to improve your skills. Do not find partners that may abuse you if you say
something wrong. This will not help you.

Update: Repair computer problems

I had faced several problems regarding the virus which attacked my laptop. I personally think that the virus becomes more intelligent as it 'destroyed' my networking thus need me to re-format my laptop and install all the required drivers.

If you have difficulties in restoring your network, here are the tips:
1. Check your network card. Usually, it does not spoil due to virus but can become damage because
of humidity etc. You can try to connect your PC onto LAN. This will conclude your network
2. Always keep record of your network drivers. The reason is simple, you can download other
drivers on the net, but you need the internet connection!
3. Check your network / ethernet cable. Sometimes, there will be errors in the cables too.
4. If other things is ok, check your router (wireless) or adsl modem. I had experienced with the
faulty modem which cost me a lot.
5. Check your Internet Service Provider (ISP) records. Find error related to DNS settings or
username and password.
6. Check your initial setup. My Hp laptop needs me to press F2 to enter setup. Then you must
check the devices related to network such as bluetooth radio.
7. Check windows service. Type in the run section : services.msc. Find the section related to
network. Make sure all of them is set automatic and has been started.
8. Remove your additional RAM. Normally, one RAM is located under the keyboard (do not try
to dismantle unless you know what you're doing), the other slot is at the back of laptop.

If you still have problems, please contact me, I'll try my best to help you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How to troubleshoot your own PC

How to repair your own PC? It's very simple, however, the complexity of the viruses or malwares will make your life difficult. Here are the basic tips:
1. Download any registry software. Then, check your registry status. If your computer suddenly
hangs, there should be a problem with your PC
2. Run antivirus program or Spybot software
3. Download anti virus removal tool. If your antivirus can identify the culprits
4. Prepare to format your computer. You'll need a bootable OS. If you want to save money,
download linux based OS such as ubuntu. Make sure you download the .iso file or find iso maker
software to convert the files to .iso type.
5. Set you computer to run by optical disk boot in the first priority.
6. Format you computer.

Good tips to minimize computer recovery action repairs:
1. You can use system restore features in windows, but it will consume too much resources
2. Always make partitions to your hard drive
3. Always keep records of your computer drivers especially the network drivers
4. You can have two layer filtering for your computer, i.e. antivirus + firewall